10 December 2005

Welcome to Year Two

This is the first blogoversary for "What It's Like on the Inside." Sort of. There was an earlier version of this blog that I started in 2003, but it was rarely updated and didn't have a particular direction. A year ago today, I deleted all of it and started fresh. And here we are: 317 posts and 20,000+ page loads later.

Thank you to the Functional Ambivalent, a favourite read and the first kind soul out there to send readers my way. Much appreciation follows to those of you who are the regs here. To see you on my counters many times a week does my heart good.

Twelve years ago, my principal said "So what?" about the internet. It was a valid question for the time. Why would anyone want to post information or look for it on a computer? Now I hear administrators ask, "So what?" about blogging.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. For me, it's about having a place to personally reflect on my professional life...to look at different impacts on my job...and hopefully have a little conversation about it in the comments. I like that this is something I (and others) can do at my/their convenience. We don't have to schedule a meeting to talk about issues. We can take our time and have lots of different perspectives join the discussion. I appreciate the community in what can be a very lonely career.

Here's to Year Two!

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