24 December 2005


The first week of "winter break" has been wonderful. I can't say that I've done all the school work that I needed to do, but this is my last chance to be lazy in that area for awhile. I've been reading like a fiend, working on various puzzles, and taking care of small projects at home.

Right now, the SD/KC game is on. My adad got me interested in football at a young age. Living in west Texas only served to solidify that interest. In high school, my adad and I would make our NFL picks each week---wagering a quarter on any matches where we differed. One Christmas, we attended a SD/KC game with my grandfather. Adad's family lives in the KC area. The three of us had a great time at the game. I don't remember the outcome. My memories of the event are mostly about the crowd's enthusiasm (and range of expletives) and just the gestalt of being there. Everytime I see this same matchup, I can't help but think of adad and his father---who are both long gone from this world.

I may make (another) batch of cookies later. There is a wonderful recipe for chocolate sandwich cookies with peppermint buttercream in this month's issue of Bon Appetit. These have to be about the best Christmas cookies ever. I've made two batches and given nearly all of them away. Perhaps I'll be a bit more selfish if I make another. :)

Merry Christmas!

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