16 December 2005

The Finish Line

Today was the last official day of work for 2005. (I brought home several items of unofficial work to keep me company the next couple of weeks.)

For the last two years, I have worn a red dress and Santa hat to work. Each time, I've stopped by Safeway on my way to school---and on both occasions it has been the only time complete strangers stop and want to talk with me. They seem to like "Mrs. Claus" and have things to say to her. At school, I handed out some goodies to my kids. I put together treats that have a small (1 x 2) post-it note pad with a Hershey's miniature taped on top with a pencil taped on that. I wrap the whole thing in some curling ribbon and the effect is really pretty cute. My kids did a lab with some rabbit muscle today. Perhaps not very "holiday inspired," but they enjoyed it and it gave them at least one class period without watching a movie or other nonsense. At Curriculum, I wrapped up (!) a few details, enjoyed an office luncheon, and scooted out an hour early.

It is wonderful to be out on Break, but it is a long time until Christmas. I'm the type who'd prefer to get out much closer to Christmas and go back later in January. But hey, no one's died and made me queen yet. If there's ever a "Science Goddess School District," then the school calendar will have a whole different look.

Best wishes to all of you who are also starting your holiday season.

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