29 December 2005

Countdown to 2006

September 1 is my version of "January 1:" A time for resolutions and a strong sense of a fresh start. My guess is that many teachers have a similar mindset.

That being said, there is much to do before I see my students in the new calendar year. I have done very little work for school in the last two weeks. I need to reverse that trend in the next day or so. Sigh.

I plan my class a month at a time, handing the kids a calendar at the beginning of the month. This gives us a basic roadmap. We do get away from it for a day here or there. During the first few days back next week, I have two touchy meetings, one all day one to plan, three grade 5 classes to work with, and two schools which have requested a presentation at their staff meetings. This is in addition to prepping and teaching my class and other miscellaneous teacher requests for help. Oh, and I start my first class toward my EdD on Tuesday. If this sounds like I'm fussing---I'm not. I like all of the things that are coming up. But if I don't get my head wrapped around it now, it's going to hit me like a ton of bricks when we return to work on the 3rd.

I have managed to finish up my "to do" list of things at home. It has been good to focus on personal needs for a few days and replenish my stores of energy. I'll need it, because it's still a long way to summer vacation.

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