01 December 2005

Better Never than Late?

It's snowing---and has been for a few hours (unlike Tuesday when "they" said it would do this). I worked through lunch so that I could leave early today. I still left more than 30 minutes early and am very grateful that I did. The roads here are deceptively slick and people are not adjusting the way that they drive.

While coming home, I watched as a small car came down a hill, lost control, and slid several feet down an embankment into the trees. The driver was all right, just frightened. I was the only witness who had a cell phone. The driver needed help with phone calls because he spoke very little English. But we managed to get things set up for him. A policeman who happened to be driving by stopped for a moment, but was already on his way to another call. A nurse who was driving by also stopped. There are lots of good samaritans out there.

I'm not a fan of "snow days," which is different from when I was a kid. It's too early to call for tomorrow, but this white stuff doesn't look like it will be changing over to rain anytime soon. And if it freezes overnight, driving conditions will be even nastier in the morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rain, above freezing temps, and a delayed start tomorrow.

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