12 November 2005

This Just In...

...Smarter Kids May Enjoy Longer Lives

This conclusion is from a study that began in 1922 and followed over 850 children with an IQ of 130 or above. The study ended in 1986.

Why do smart kids live longer? There aren't any particular "cause-effect" connections made. Perhaps they just made better choices. Maybe they were able to get better jobs and health benefits. It could be that these aren't the risk-takers in the world.

You might have wondered, as I did, as to whether their socioeconomic status growing up might have influenced things. "Though the reasons for the link between IQ and longevity are not clear, it does not appear to be merely a reflection of income and social position. As children, the participants were from affluent families and most were white. Yet childhood IQ was still a factor in their lifespan. Similarly, in an earlier study of Americans with more varied childhood IQs and family incomes, Martin found that IQ was related to health problems independently of socioeconomics. This suggests that IQ affects longevity among lower-income people as well."

Might be interesting to watch for more research in this area.

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