26 November 2005

Sniffing at December

Retailers in America are leading me to believe that it is already December even if the calendar doesn't agree.

Now that I am at home again, I'm finding that my thoughts are wandering into next month. Upcoming big events include:
  • Going back out to an elementary school in order to teach 5th graders some science. This time, we'll do some "bubble-ology" and then work on their technical writing skills.
  • Meeting with a group of 6th grade teachers in order to begin the materials selection process for that grade.
  • The second meeting with the grade 7 - 9 science teachers to continue the materials selection for their classes.
  • Another meeting with the biology teachers at my school to talk about the standards selected for focus for the second quarter of the school year.

Three of these will take place within a four (work)day time period, beginning on Friday. I have some preliminary work done, but I will definitely need to put some flesh on those bones this week. I'm hoping that I can motivate myself to do some of it tomorrow. Each of these will present some unique challenges.

Somewhere in all of this, I'm supposed to be teaching my class, too. I have slighted my students a bit over the last few class meetings. December has the potential of exacerbating that if I'm not careful.

It's still November for a few more days. Better yet, there is still holiday time today and tomorrow. I think I'll get back to my jigsaw puzzle for a little while longer.

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