28 November 2005

Let it snow (but only a little bit)!

For the first time this year, there is the heavy hint of snow in the air. Kids were energized at the thought of a "snow day." As for me, I prefer to have a "late arrival." At least I used to.

I found out today that my Curriculum job is not exempt from weather. We at Central Orifice are expected to show up and work, even if other staff and students are not. Now it doesn't matter if school is late or cancelled---I still have to work. I'm not sure when science curriculum became an essential service like fire, police, and hospitals. I had always thought my job important, but not quite to this extant. If, for some reason, I am stranded at home, I am allowed to call the Boss Lady and ask for dispensation to telecommute. (This is assuming that she makes it in to work.) Or, I could always just call in sick and make up the day at another time. I brought home plenty to keep me busy tomorrow, just in case.

This school district is third largest in the state in terms of the size of geographical area it serves. Because of this, some parts of the district can experience quite the snow dump while the rest of us are looking around going "Snow? Where?" Our superintendent is a cautious man. He is willing to call for a two-hour delay to schools---enough time for the sun to come up so people can see kids waiting for buses. Or, enough time to decide if school should just be cancelled.

I'm not sure whether or not to cross my fingers and hope for snow. It's always fun to see. It's also a rare occurrence here in Puget Sound. But if I'm going to have to work anyway, it's better if they roads are dry. I guess I'll know the answers in a few hours.

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