10 November 2005


It's the end of the work week for me. We have Veterans' Day off, which will make for a much needed three-day weekend.

These are my random thoughts and unfinished business as the week ends...

The neighbours already have their Christmas lights up: blue icicle lights strung along the eaves. Overachievers. I can't help but think of my adad when I see Christmas lights show up again. The last holiday season that he was alive, he called me one Saturday afternoon after spending a lot of time trying to untangle and set up the lights amom wanted put up outside. He said that he'd decided that he was just going to use them to spell out "F--- You" in the front window. I couldn't help but laugh. It still makes me giggle when I remember that.

In Washington, regions of the state have an associated "Educational Service District (ESD)" which houses media, helps with professional development, etc. for area schools. Ours sponsored an alignment for elementary science last year. Whatever was created was apparently wonderful, but the woman in charge was fired over the summer. The new guy is both clueless and useless. While he flails around in his job, kids and teachers are needing help. I sent off a mildly blistering e-mail today to him. It might not get him going in terms of sending us the alignment, but it certainly made me feel better. :)

The materials adoption begins Tuesday and oddly enough, I'm not obsessing over it. I do have the day more or less organized. Maybe that's enough.

I met with the district technology people today regarding the blog I've tried to do with my AP class. It's very frustrating, since we can't blog from school...which really defeats a lot of the purpose I'd intended. Meanwhile, I don't know how to deal with district support when their primary focus is ensuring that NO objectionable material get through the filter. I'm not saying that everything on the 'net is appropriate for school. But to let a server specially bought for student e-mail to sit unused because a piece of spam could get through is ridiculous. And, of course, all blogs and Wikis are pornographic...so we can't have access to those. I really don't think it's right that one or two people in the district are allowed to decide what sites are appropriate---and there's no process for it.

I have several professional development opportunities that I would like to offer in coming months. Some would be elementary science specific. Others would be more about doing some general things to change what happens in the classroom. The more I play with ideas, the better I'm able to put pieces together and make something good happen. So, I'll keep picking at these.

Is that enough for one day? There was more...and yet I don't feel like I was overwhelmingly productive with my time this Thursday. But hey---there's always the weekend. And what would one be without work to do?

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