29 November 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

First of all, there was no snow to contend with this morning. Which category of this post's header "lack of snow" falls into depends on who you ask. I'm going to call it "good."

Other things today were also "good." I had a major breakthrough on getting at all of the elementary science issues that I've been wrestling with for weeks. Huzzah! And, I received notification today that I have formally been accepted into the EdD program for Teacher Leadership that I had applied to. I also had a great time with my kids today in class.

Meanwhile, "bad" things lurked. I had been tasked with writing common course descriptions for AP science classes in the district. I asked all the AP teachers a couple of weeks ago if they'd like to help. No one jumped at the chance. Now that I've written them, one teacher wants to make a stink. I'm not sure how having a single description district-wide changes what he does in the classroom, but I think he's just being pouty after the meeting (and its fallout) that he organized in October.

Then there's the ugly. If you're a regular lurker here (you know who you are), then you know that one of my goals this year was to make a class blog work for my kids and me. And I've been dogged by our tech people at every step of the way. They won't allow any posts, comments, or other work through the filter to the blog. We can only admire it on the computer screen from school. The techs' reason is that some blogs have porn, therefore all blogs are bad...and aren't they doing me such a favour in allowing mine to be viewed? I've gone round with them for months now and they have finally decided to pull the plug---because they don't like some information a student posted. Part of me thinks the techs have just been looking for a reason to axe their involvement in this project. So, fine---they can "filter" it out, but the blog will continue. I might be the first to take up this fight with them. I doubt that I will be the last.

For now I'm going to concentrate on the "good" from today, shake my head at the "bad" until tomorrow, and show a finger to the "ugly." :)

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