17 November 2005

Getting Ambitious Again

I honestly don't know what's going to happen with the elementary science program in the district. My hare-brained thought yesterday evening was simply to say, "What if we kept the kits and threw out the teacher's manuals?" There are some great materials, but perhaps we could reconfigure the activities to incorporate more inquiry and actually make them grade-level appropriate.

In the meantime, I mapped out a professional development plan for elementary consisting of nine sessions. They would be independent, but we may be able to offer some graduate credit for teachers who attend them all.

I am hoping to recruit some other staff members to help present. There is a lot of expertise in the district to draw upon.

There will invariably be questions about the kits. I have tried to design the sessions such that they get at the concepts in science, along with how the standards are constructed and assessed. Teachers with a good foundation in these things will be able to make use of the kits...or whatever we replace them with in the future.

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