09 November 2005

Dr. Goddess

Well, I'm taking the plunge. Or perhaps it's more like going off the deep end. This afternoon, I sent off my application to an EdD. program.

It must have been one of those "right place at the right time" sorts of things. If you're a regular lurker on this blog, then you know the myriad of issues I'm facing in my district job...and my struggles with dealing with them. And then I received some info in the mail about a "Teacher Leadership" program. This is not meant to be an admin sort of thing, but rather for those people who are working with other classroom teachers. Imagine that.

This program is not as lofty as others. I'm not earning a PhD. I had to do a dissertation to get my BA---I think one of those in a lifetime should be enough for anyone. And this will be on-line/distance education. (Dr. Cookie, I'm not---although I have such great admiration for her.) But it is good for me in both terms of money and time costs and it looks like it will fulfill a lot of the professional development needs that I have. In turn, this may help a lot of teachers and kids.

As my Sweetie and I like to say, "Start from hope. Live dangerously." Here I go.

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