28 October 2005

Sisyphus, Atlas, and I Are Taking a Break

I don't know about you, but I am done carrying around everyone's burdens for a few days. Inasmuch as possible, I plan to have some "me time" for the weekend.

This is not as exotic as it sounds. I have a nice box of grading to tend to and planning for my class to make happen. For a little while, I'm going to tend that garden and not worry if others need help with maintaining theirs.

The weird thing about doing this Curriculum job is how tiring it is. But it's a whole different kind of tired. One that comes from having to wrestle with several big ideas. Teaching is not more or less difficult---it's just different. There are lots of items vying for attention, but your world is so much smaller.

I had a meeting which took up most of the morning. Some of it was very intriguing and some was mind (and butt) numbing. But both sections had a common thread of looking at science as a series of concepts...something a teacher I mentioned yesterday is having a hard time managing. What will happen, I wonder, when I start moving this model of thinking into the elementary schools? Will it be a smoother transition?

But I'll think about that on Monday. Right now, Sisyphus, Atlas, and I are going to have a drink and kick off the weekend. Feel free to join us.

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