25 October 2005

Signs of Fall

It's officially been "fall" for over a month now, and the signs are everywhere. This includes the board above, set out by a nearby hatchery to entice visitors to see the salmon returning to spawn. The subsequent odor is another sign, although not as pleasant of one.

The leaves have "turned" and are piling up along the roadsides. Did you know that the red ones are actually a form of chemical warfare among plants?

The days are shorter, grayer, and fog is starting to appear in the morning. It won't be long before there's a bit of frost here and there. It won't be long until kids (and teachers) are keeping their collective fingers crossed in hopes of a snow day or at least a late start to school.

Kids are starting to settle in a bit and so are those of us in new jobs. In another week, the school year will already be 25% behind us, football season over, and the holidays around the corner.

Signs of winter won't be far behind.

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