10 October 2005

Guilty Pleasures

I hope that most of you have today off like I do. It's nice to have a three-day weekend once in awhile. It's a perfect time to get a little extra work done (ugh) and perhaps indulge in some guilty pleasures.

Two Fisted Engine of Justice by J. Ferguseon CC-BY-SA-NC
The guy at the left is The Tick. And recently I discovered reruns being shown each evening. This is a perfect guilty pleasure for me: giant blue naive superhero. I am enjoying an end to my work days by watching him duke it out with the likes of "El Seed." Or perhaps try to give Dinosaur Neil a giant aspirin. Or hang out with Die Fledermaus and American Maid. I've been a Tick fan since it showed up on Saturday mornings when I was a young teacher. But I haven't seen these in a long time. I'm glad that they're back and just as much fun as I remember.
Pike Place Flowers by Stoctoc CC-BY-NC-ND

Having a weekday off is another time to indulge---in having breakfast out. What better opportunity to be naughty by having some French Toast and bacon? My Sweetie teases me because I always scope out the place and find a little old (as in "80's") man---and buy him breakfast. When was the last time someone added a little spring to their step?

Other guilty pleasures? Some "hair metal" on the way into work in the mornings. Doughnuts on Fridays. Spending a day (and night) reading a good book. Browsing at Office Depot. Lazing on a Sunday, alternately watching NFL games and napping in a sunbeam. Buying flowers at the market. The anticipation of an upcoming adventure with my Sweetie. Driving away on the last day of school. And lots more.

Get out and indulge yourself today, if you can.

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