24 October 2005

Goddess on the Run

It was a rather full Monday. I set up a lab for my kiddos on Enzyme Catalysis. Things went well once they figured out how to handle the equipment and divvy up the job.

I left to meet with some of our chemistry teachers after my class. They were working on various ideas for their own curriculum and this really was about my favourite part of the day. It is good to sit with people, chew on some ideas for kids, and have a few laughs in the process.

At Curriculum, I worked through a lot of paperwork and details related to our upcoming materials adoption and answered a slew of e-mails. The big item on my agenda today was finishing up my preparations for a presentation to the secondary admins tomorrow morning. I am framing most of my comments around two areas that I know they are studying: Data Analysis and Focus on Instruction. Perhaps if I can help them have a bit more insight into how these things apply to science, they will be able to help guide teachers better.

The whole week is shaping up to be a very full one. Guess I'd better hang on for the ride.

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