31 October 2005

Brainless Halloween

I got to school today, all ready to dissect some sheep brains with my kids. We've been lurking in the nervous system chapter for a few days---even used some swim caps to draw brain anatomy on. But being Halloween, it seemed like the perfect time to poke around in the real deal.

I made the requisite copies, checked the web references to make sure they were still "live," and pulled the dissecting tools. And then I discovered that we were brainless. Nary a brain to be found in the entire department. If this had been a day to look at pig hearts, I would have been set---we have boxes of them.

So, we moved on to some other material and I've promised the kids that we'll get back to the dissection later...once the brains have been located. They did suggest a scavenger hunt, but the school was already wired on Halloween candy. Sending out my spooks would have been a major disruption.

Other than that, it was a pretty good Monday. I actually got some good work done and my "to do" list didn't incur any significant growth. Tonight I'll spend a little time with TCM and MNF. TCM is showing one of my most favourite movies: The Uninvited.

Happy Halloween!

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