03 October 2005

Back to Work

It is always a bit of whiplash to head off to a conference for a couple of days...and then come back to the daily version of reality. But I'm back in the saddle again.

This week is going to be a bear. I had about 300 e-mails to deal with, teachers to coach, a class to teach, and more today. One of the most interesting tasks was to revise a Powerpoint presentation that I am to give to the school board next week. The Boss Lady had asked to see it once I had drafted things. She very much likes to know exactly what is coming down the pipeline. I obliged. She changed one word that I had written---and then provided a completely different template for me to use. Frankly, I like the one I chose better. It was "science-y" without being overwhelming. The one she wants me to use is too busy for my tastes, but I will play the game.

I have worked with very few women-as-bosses over the years. Three, to be exact. I find that experience very different from working for men. This is likely due to growing up in a "Good Ole Boy" atmosphere---so I know the rules for those situations very well. I struggle to figure out how the governing rules of a woman-in-charge. I know, I know, I should look at them as individuals (both men and women), but I can't help but notice some very distinct gender differences. Women are much less friendly and are sparing with their praise. It's more difficult to determine whether or not they think you're doing a good job. Even when I had a male admin tell me that I was "all right...for a girl" it was at least some sort of indication.

Anyway, I have a bit more catching up to do this evening, but I'm back to blog on a regular basis again. :)

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r said...

Interesting. I've found that woman in general are easier to work for than men, in terms of praise and "friendliness."

I think men are easier to read sometimes though; I've never had a problem knowing what the male bosses/administrators are talking about.

I've been quite let down over the last 10 years by two different female principals. I may not always agree or get along with my male principal, but I do always know where I stand.