02 September 2005

New Additions

You may have noticed some changes to the ole blogroll over on the sidebar. And about darned time, too.

In case he's new to you, I'd like to introduce the Ruminating Dude: a thoughtful chemistry teacher and dad-to-be. His recent post about the state of healthcare in America made me grateful for dental insurance benefits for the first time in my life---and really raised my awareness in the process.

Mamacita's Scheiss Weekly is a delight. She is down-to-earth, full of life and humor, and does a wonderful job of sharing it all. Her love of her career always shines through, even when her stories make you shake your head or break your heart.

I'm sure that Mz. Smlph and Ms. Frizzle need no introductions; however, if you haven't taken a moment to click over to their blogs and see what they are sharing, you should. I greatly admire Ms. Frizzle's posts where she engages in reflective practice. It is such a unique opportunity to get inside the head of another teacher (especially a science teacher) and get a glimpse of what goes into being an outstanding educator. Mz. Smlph has a teaching assignment I don't envy, but I greatly admire her joyful approach to the classroom...even when things make you want to cringe and run away. I like learning from both of these women.

Bud the Teacher is forging ahead with technology in the classroom: podcasting, blogs, wiki, and more. There is a wealth of information here and it has certainly emboldened me to look into trying some of these ideas. I am a believer in the idea that we need to teach kids where they live. And many of them are living in Bud's world. I need to reach out and do that, too.

Finally, the Pencil Revolution. This is not an edublog, but a celebration of all things pencil. I have always had an office supply fetish, but I do have quite the passion for pencils. (Yeah, yeah, Freud rears his ugly head again.) My sweetie knows that these are my first choice for souvenirs when we holiday. I rarely am without one tucked behind an ear. I'm happy to have this new altar to visit.

I'll continue to update the list as time goes by. New blogs of interest are coming online every day. I'm sure to discover more when I host the Education Carnival on Wednesday. :)

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