07 September 2005

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I keep staring at this screen in an attempt to collect some thoughts. I'm afraid it's going to be a futile enterprise at this point. The last two days have been a whirlwind.

I have my AP class up and running. It is hard to say how they will be. The class is first period and that is not the high point of a teenager's circadian rhythm...and certainly not after keeping their own hours for most of the summer. We have already had our first lab and tomorrow will be the last day of "housekeeping duties," like books and class expectations. Our real work begins on Friday.

Meanwhile, I am realizing what a steep learning curve I have ahead of me for my district job. I seem to be frequently discovering things I'm supposed to be doing...or realizing that I don't know how to do things (like who to ask for help or get supplies). The good part is that people are friendly and although they are in their own frenetic worlds, they are always willing to take a moment and impart some wisdom.

I am appreciating the freedom from a bell schedule. There's something nice about being able to focus on a task without wondering if I have enough time to start...let alone think it completely through. It's true that I have far too much to think about at this point and some of it is lonely business. There are three math people and scads of literacy specialists and coaches. And me: the lone scientist.

The Boss Lady told me today that we will be presenting the Secondary Science Scope and Sequence Recommendations to the School Board next month. Yikes. They are ready, of course, but there are a few details to hammer out. And this is such a big step...many people have worked very hard and I do not want anything to get screwed up.

I did get a wonderful data tool today and now I can play with our district science data in all sorts of ways. I will never be as accomplished with it as our district Data Queen (who always claims to be grooming me for her job), but I am still anxious to learn what I can from the numbers.

For tonight, I hope to just let all of this go, relax, watch some tennis, and not worry about tomorrow. If you haven't checked out this week's Carnival of Education, just keep scrolling down. There are many great posts to share!

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