02 September 2005

Anticlimactic Finish

The last day of inservice was yesterday, followed by Open House. I was all geared up for it...and not a single parent showed up to meet me. Sigh.

I did find out yesterday that I may be gaining a few more students (and parents). The other high school is cancelling its AP Biology class due to lack of interest (only 6 students were enrolled)---so a kid or two may come over to our school for that class. What makes this an interesting tidbit is that the other high school is the "beautiful school" in the district...the one in Newsweek's Top 500 High Schools list. This list is generated by the number of students enrolled who take AP courses and tests (and schools nominate themselves). The mere idea of them cancelling any AP course is akin to sacrilege.

You may be wondering why a school with such a large enrollment in AP courses has trouble filling out their Biology class. The primary reason is simply that their science staff is rather cutthroat with one another in terms of getting students into "their" classes. I suspect that another part of the reason is that the AP Bio teacher is a bit of a harpy...and the others are all too happy to get in their digs if they can. (And perhaps the students are more drawn to the other personalities, too.)

It's frightening to think how close I came to being the only AP Bio teacher in the district---as I was nearly hired to take on the class at the other secondary school (grades 7 - 12), too.

Anyway, I'm disappointed with the lack of turnout last night. Since this may be my last year in the classroom, I would have liked to kick it off a bit differently. But perhaps a bad dress rehearsal will mean a great opening night.


Anonymous said...

Is it that the parents just don't give a rip or is it that they forget or don't hear about it the first place? Or have all the parent who give a damn just decided to home school?

Hard to expect the kids to care about their education if their parents don't.

The Science Goddess said...

I don't really know the answer. It could be that because I have juniors and seniors in an AP level class, their parents don't feel the need to connect at Open House. They've "been there, done that."

Turnout last night wasn't bad for everyone---there was standing room only in a couple of classrooms. One of my colleagues had about a 30% turnout, which is very good.

We'll see how things go throughout the year. I'll keep hoping for the best.