08 August 2005


I will have more detailed information provided to me tomorrow, but I got a glance at our district science WASL scores today.

I'm depressed after seeing them.

Two schools had drops of 10 points (and scores weren't all that impressive in previous years). My school did not have quite that significant of a slip backwards, but considering all of the adjustments we made last year and the hard work that went into helping kids...it's just frustrating.

The "real" story will be a bit better known in the coming weeks. Which kids didn't meet the standard---was there a particular segment of the population we missed? Is there a drop in scores state-wide?

The Goddess is going to crack open a bottle of wine and contemplate her navel for awhile. Things always look rosier through the bottom of a glass, right?


Anonymous said...

I'm a mom of a dyslexic student in the class of '08.
The whole WASL concept is looming like a thunderhead on the horizon.
Scares me to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it Goddess. We all know you worked your tail off on this one. It will be interesting to see how the data shakes out.

Talking to a friend's kid a while back:

Me: Your mom says you have a hard semester coming up.
Kid: Yeah, lotsa hard stuff.
Me: What kind of stuff?
Kid: Well, algebra, for one.
Me: Oh, algebra isn't so bad. It can even be fun once you get it.
Kid: I just wish my mom would let me be in tard math with all my friends.
Me: Tard math? What is that?
Kid (rolling eyes): You know, math for retards.
Me: So you WANT to be in tard math?
Kid: Sure, why not?

You teachers sure have your work cut out for you. Our culture is kicking your butts.

The Science Goddess said...

You're both right. This whole thing is scary for parents, kids, and teachers.

Hey, we've got no place to go but up.

Unknown said...

Our science scores (I'm in an elementary school) have been in the cellar for 2 years now and have compromised our overall rating. Somehow the kids just don't get the connection between the FOSS kits and the test. They like science but can't connect it to the real world.