28 August 2005

Summer 2005, We Hardly Knew Ye

Tomorrow marks the beginning of four days of inservice. The district is kicking things off this year with its annual "Love-in." (Yes, they really do call it that.) This is the big district meeting that all employees are supposed to attend. The school board members look pretty, the union reps talk (ugh), and a student or other representative tries to share a few words of wisdom. The real fun begins after that when the superintendent speaks. I usually spend most of the love in looking at my watch and wondering why I didn't remember to bring something comfortable to sit on (gym bleachers are nasty after a short time).

I always fantasize about skipping this event. Attendance might be required, but let's face it, there's no way to take attendance of 800+ people. When I had my room in the portable, I knew that I could likely hide out there and no one would know. But now, with my more "high profile" role with the district, I have to put in an appearance.

This year, I may very well skip the school staff meeting that follows. I hate this meeting---it involves "icebreakers," (Are we at camp?), and an excruciating page-by-page voyage through the staff handbook (Did we lose our ability to read over the summer?). Would I be missed? Perhaps. But by contract, I only owe my school 20% of my day---which will be over long before noon arrives.

I am scheduled to give two workshops and run an all-science staff meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. As much as I am not looking forward to those, it does mean that I get to plan large blocks of time that don't involve all the pet peeves of teachers...most of which relate to being treated as though they were ignorant and/or need to be entertained. Always a good thing.

And Thursday? The work day will begin at 10 and last into the evening as it is our annual Open House for parents.

While it is easy to pine for late June, when the summer stretched out before me, I am ready to be back at work. I have had a wonderful time of things these last several weeks and my brain is ready to handle the crush of school again. I've read lots of books, spent hours stitching, and had walks on the beach. I've napped when I liked and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning. I've seen lots of movies and had time with those who mean the most to me. I've had headspace to think about what I want as a person---not just as an educator. It all went very quickly...and it will seem even more that way tomorrow as the parade of speechmakers takes the podium at the Love-in.

But hey, it's only 180 more school days until the next summer vacation.

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