16 August 2005

It's still summer, right?

According to the calendar, I have just under two weeks until my first contract day (Monday, August 29). I've felt like I've been back at work already. I have spent quite a lot of (unpaid) time over the last week or so working on the three presentations I have to give for our district inservice. I've been told that the "rule" for putting together professional development involves 4 hours of planning for every hour of presentation time. With 9.5 hours of presentation time, I suppose it's not a surprise to have spent well over 40 hours on things. My handout masters and other requests are due tomorrow morning in order for the staff to have time to make copies and pull things together.

Maybe I am just trading off my time. In the past, I've typically spent a lot of evenings and weekends working on school things. This year, with only one class to teach and far more time during the workday for my curriculum job, it's likely that I will get back my "free time." That would make it okay to lose a week or two in the summer to my job.

Today I will try to do a few summer-y things: read, pick blackberries, have a nap, fix something fun for lunch, or whatever else looks diverting. It will be good to think about things other than lesson planning, WASL scores, and doing inquiry with elementary students and teachers. I will try to avoid thinking about planning for my AP course or the meeting I have with new science hires next week. Tomorrow will be soon enough for that.

Chez Goddess should reach a milestone today or tomorrow: 10,000 visitors to the blog. Thank you to all of you who stop by, leave comments, and provide an audience for my headspace. Here's to the next 10,000! Cheers!

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