26 August 2005

Gearing Up

Inservice begins on Monday and you know what that means: kids won't be far behind. I've been spending a lot of time getting my poop in a pile for my three presentations/workshops next week. They're looking good, and so my thoughts are turning to my class that I'll be teaching.

Yesterday, I overhauled the website for my class, revised my syllabus, and finished plotting the course through the end of September. I have one more piece I'd like to get in place: setting up a blog for the class. I have looked at another host, but may just end up using Blogger. It's familiar and while it doesn't have all of the features other platforms might, it wil likely be "good enough" for this year's experiment.

I am curious about Wiki and Moodle and other open-source ideas for structuring the exchange of information---between teachers and between teachers and students. I'm hoping to explore these things more this year. I've asked our Information Services department if they would consider holding trainings.

I haven't made up my "New Year's Resolutions" yet. I know that it is more traditional to do so in January, but this is the time of year when my mind is busy and things feel full of potential. Now is when I'm ready to commit to new ideas and attempt dazzling changes.

This weekend, I'll work a little and play as much as I can. I'll put summer away for another year and look forward to the energy of gearing up for another round of school. It feels good.

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