25 July 2005

Scores and More

I had to run into the nearest town today and take care of a few items of business. This included the most important (to me) job: retrieving my AP score report from my school mailbox. Overall, I have to say that I am pleased with the scores---with 2/3 of the kids "passing" with a score of 3, 4, or 5. It is good to know most of my students managed to succeed in spite of me. :)

Speaking of AP, I did delve into the Big Blue Box I brought home for the summer. It contains my resources for that class, compartmentalized into fifteen folders. Each folder represents one unit of study. At the moment, things are placed in the folders by topic, but they are unorganized. I spent some time looking at them today. I also retooled my curriculum a bit. I am pretty happy with the format I've used the last two years. I do think that I'll try a slightly different sequence at the beginning of the year next year and see what happens. I'm basing this on feedback I got from last year's students---what would have helped them more. I also tried to organize my thoughts regarding a class blog and some other new things I'd like to attempt this year.

WASL scores should be available very soon. As in "later this week," I hope. Our district testing coordinator said that I could start hounding her for them the last week in July. I am, however, forbidden to share them with anyone until she has made a formal presentation of them to school principals mid-August.

I also outlined the two curriculum days for staff that I have to help with next month and corralled some resources. It's likely that I won't look at this stuff again for a couple more weeks, but at least I have captured some thoughts for now.

Meanwhile, I got my car all checked out and a had a minor engine repair tended to. This process took longer than I had anticipated, mainly because the mechanic thought there was an odd vibration to things after it was all put back together. I have to tell you, from a woman's point of view, that vibration is rather nice. And if it's only going to be felt when the car is sitting in traffic, then that's all the better to pass the time. Ahem.

I took in a Pontiac that looks like this:

2000 Pontiac Grand Am by jparise CC-BY

And while there, a Pontiac like this arrived:

'58 Bonneville by Cauldrongraphix CC-BY

I asked to take the pretty black one with the fins home with me. Instead, I was sent home with the one that brung me. Ah, those fleeting summer loves.

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