02 July 2005

Oops! My bad.

Two recent stories from the world of education have caught my eye.

Northampton (note the spelling) Area High School, like many schools around the country, held its commencement ceremony in June. I'm sure that many seniors were anxious to get their hands on their diplomas: their "proof" of 13 years of hard work. And they did get them...but the name of the school was incorrectly spelled on that precious piece of paper. Graduates are going to be provided with replacements.

And you may have seen the news about a social studies teacher in New York who has been moonlighting as a wrestler for the WWE. The district doesn't object to his second job. They do, however, object to him using his sick leave in order to, er, compete. He claims that he didn't realize that personal leave and sick leave were two different things. The school district wants its money back for the costs associated with covering his "sick" days. They are also considering not rehiring him for the next year. The teacher is also quoted as saying that he had good relationships with his students and many of them did well on their examinations "because I taught them!" and "I would have been better off beating a kid, because those teachers always seem to keep their jobs." Um, yeah.

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