10 July 2005

Catching Up

There are lots of things I enjoy about having a summer break. The lifting of the tunnel vision that afflicts me during the school year allows me to welcome back a variety of other aspects of life I enjoy. Right now, I'm getting caught up on my movie watching.

by Adolfo.c7 (c)2012

There was only one movie theatre in my hometown. It was owned by one of the university's chemistry professors (Rangra) and most of us referred to the theatre as "Rangravision." This was because the film was rarely in focus...the audio might be synched with the video, and if it was you still might not hear it because of the ventilation system...and often the film or projector would break. There were areas of seat cordoned off because they kept falling over. But hey, admission was only $3 (it still is, 25+ years after moving there) and $1.50 each Thursday night ("Bargain Night"). There are two shows daily: 6:30 and 9:00 p.m. If you're ever in town, do stop in for an unforgettable experience.

I don't go out to the movies very much here. I seem to wait for things to trickle to cable. This means that I'm just now watching the big movies of Summer 2004 now. So far, I've seen Spiderman 2; I, Robot; Timeline; The Stepford Wives; and a few others. (I remember reading Timeline a few years ago and thinking that Michael Crichton had written it as if it were a screenplay already.) I peruse the theatre listings for this area and consider sneaking off to see a late night showing of one film or another. Again, it is a luxury (ticket pricewise and timewise) that I don't have during the school year.

I am hoping, perhaps foolishly, that next year I might have more room in my life for these little luxuries. I will teach one class. Maybe that will mean more days when I can leave work at work and get out and see what the rest of the world has to offer. I can't resent my job for being an attention whore. It does seem to make me value "catching up" all the more.

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