20 July 2005

Academic Estivation

Some animals estivate: the summer form of "hibernation." This is most common with herps. They will literally cook themselves to death when it is too hot since they lack a way to regulate their body temperature. Also, the heat of summer may be a time when vegetation is lacking for prey animals and so predators (like herps) are also impacted. The herps head to anyplace cool to hang out until the heat of summer passes.

I've been thinking that estivation may also impact teachers. Summertime may somehow induce a state of torpor in teachers. My "statcounter" shows very few hits in the last week or so. "Carnival Days" like today, usually bring anywhere from 100 - 600 extra visitors here. This week, it has been seven. (Last Wednesday was around 50.) I am hoping that educators are out and about this July...trying not to think of what will come in August. They are, perhaps, estivating from all things "school."

I can't say that I blame them. I admit that I haven't done anything classroom related in a month or so. All of that will change soon enough. Estivation will give way to all kinds of renewed activity.

Enjoy yourselves. I'll still be here when you get back.

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