07 June 2005

What it Means to Wind Down the Year

I think it's safe to say that for most teachers, the job is all-consuming. There are few moments between September and June where your mind isn't full of "stuff": problems with kids, lesson planning, figuring out ways to avoid meetings, and so on. Those things crawl around in your head even when it's your "personal" time.

But as the school year rolls to a stop, it's wonderful. Your headspace starts to come back. I've actually been sleeping through the night. And dreaming all sorts of dreams. I'd forgotten how nice it is to do that. (Seems like Mz. Smlph had, too.) I read two books this weekend. I've started thinking about stitching again. I am starting to consider doing something other than work at 6 a.m.

My Sweetie knows that my favourite day of the year isn't my birthday...or Christmas...or any other recognized holiday. I absolutely love the last day of school. There is this feeling of freedom and hope like none other. To drive away from the building for the last time and into the summer is just plain wonderful.

You may wonder why I teach. If the end is so fulfilling---why bother starting up again? I really do enjoy my job, even when I have insomnia. I get a lot of joy from being with the kids and working with my colleagues. Teaching is a challenge I adore. But being able to walk away for a few weeks and "recharge" means that I can go back in the fall with the same passion I had when I first started in this profession. The end of one year only means that something new will be waiting for me in September---and that's exciting, too.

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