15 June 2005


I'm too tired to pull together much of a coherent post for the day. (Some of you may wonder if I ever do.)

Summer arrived here today. For me, this is my first taste---as we still have unseasonably cool and rainy weather where I live. It's nice to have blue sky and feel the heat. The walk to and from the Read is about a mile (each way). I enjoyed walking it twice today. Being out and moving around was good for my body and mind after sitting still and concentrating for several hours.

The walk takes us past a cement mixing company. We also pass some sort of building owned by the University that has a sign saying that all the trees in its area have been treated with fox urine. I don't know why they feel compelled to share this information. There are also several sets of train tracks---and frequent trains. If you don't time things well, getting to the Read becomes a rather Darwinian sort of exercise.

It is always a guessing game as to whether or not we will finish Reading all the exams by the end of the Read. According to the College Board, we have to (even if it means longer hours)---although in years' past they have made other arrangements when a question didn't finish. Out of the 120,000 exams, here are how many are done (as of 4 p.m. CDT today):
  • Question #1: 34,200
  • Question #2: 42,649
  • Question #3: 35,300 (of which I have Read ~850)
  • Question #4: 44,475

The Read ends on Sunday, but no one really wants to be there all day. There are two newbies at my table who are S-L-O-W. They're definitely going to have to pick up the pace if we are going to finish.

We are not allowed to make any marks on student papers. So, if you were to spy on us, you would see several hundred people counting on their fingers or other more unusual ways to keep track of points.

There are things to do here in the evening. Many people head downtown and/or to the Haymarket to eat, drink, watch movies, and be merry. Some take in a Saltdogs ballgame or make the trip to Omaha to see part of the College World Series. Tonight, the campus bookstore is staying open until 8:30. Morrill Hall, which has a fantastic collection of fossil elephant skeletons (and more) along with the planetarium will be open until 10. There is also a lot of beer and bs available in the "biology lounge."

I'm anxious to get out of here on Sunday as I have a hot date in Omaha with my Sweetie. All work and no play makes a Goddess a very dull girl. For now, though, I'm okay with being a dull girl. :)

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Anonymous said...

You always work hard, sweetie. And I promise that we'll find time to play this weekend.