28 June 2005

Slim Pickins

In recent weeks, there have been several vacancies at my school that needed to be filled. Not everything is going smoothly.

There was an unanticipated vacancy in the math department. One co-chair has taken a job at central office. The other co-chair asked if they could just hire the "number 2 choice" from recent interviews (which she did not participate in) to fill the spot. That strikes me as a little foolhardy. If you haven't seen the information about applicants or been in on the interviews---how can you know if someone will be a good "fit" for your department or school? Are teachers really do interchangeable?

And then, there's the matter of the new ass't. admin we are hiring. We have heard who has been recommended...and I'm a little nervous about the choice. I do know the guy. He's a band director-turned-admin (just like our principal). He is extremely nervous and high maintenance (just like a Chihuahua). But the part I'm most concerned about is simply having two admins in our office who have no regular classroom experience. Can one be a strong educational leader when you haven't ever had to develop a standards-based lesson plan? When you have had the luxury of choosing which students take your class vs. having them assigned to you? I know that the hiring pool of admins has decreased significantly over the years. Are we going to have to make do with more and more who don't have solid classroom backgrounds? What will that mean for students?

Finally, we have ~2.5 science positions to fill. After the first round of interviews, two good candidates were identified and a great deal of work was done on their behalf in order to help them. Neither ended up accepting a job with us. Another round of interviews was completed on Monday and I haven't heard if either of those two looked promising. My guess is that we will have to do more hiring in August. (But hey, if you need a job, by all means, let me know.) It's a little depressing to realize that there used to be nine or ten good candidates for the kinds of jobs we have. And now, maybe one or two.

We'll see what the summer brings. I hope it coughs up some good teachers just itching to work with us. I do so enjoy my little fantasies.

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