10 June 2005

No more pencils, No more books...

Sigh. I do like knowing that I've reached the end of another school year. It means that for a few weeks, my time and headspace will be different---and that's always good.

I haven't decided much about my summer. I usually make a trip to visit my hometown to visit family and friends. My Sweetie and I try to find some time for a trip of our own. Other than that, I tend to take things day by day: read, stitch, take day trips, nap, and so on. I always bring home summer work for school. These are the larger projects to organize...the grand ideas I had during the school year but couldn't develop for one reason or another.

This evening, I tend to relax. Perhaps even break open a bottle of wine and toast the end of another year. Tomorrow, another type of reality will hit me in the face as I get ready to go to Nebraska for a week of scoring AP essays. Tonight, though, the illusion of summer will hold.

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