18 June 2005

Nearly to the Bitter End

Two questions are now done Reading...but not mine. My table has a pool going for when we'll finish tomorrow. I guessed 9:53 a.m. :) The CB didn't update the question totals today, so I'm not sure how close we are to finishing---but I'm guessing no more than 7000 more exams. This is easily doable by 96 Readers in under two hours.

Even if we are finished, we still have to sit quietly at our tables. Why? Because the CB is paying for our time. Our fannies are their provenance until 5 p.m. tomorrow. However, my guess is that all Reading will be done by noon. After lunch, they'll do the "debriefing" session where we hear about the other questions. I may or may not go for that. If they start at 3, I definitely won't---as I have a date with my Sweetie.

We are not allowed to discuss the individual ramblings of students. Every year, though, I learn all kinds of new things. I won't give any specific student remarks, but here are some general observations students made:
  • Mosses aren't as successful (evolutionarily) as flowering plants because they're not pretty and don't taste good. Also, they're parasites---primarily of trees..the poor bastards.
  • Plants are very private with their sexual habits. Hence the need for flowers and other adaptations. No sense in being indiscreet, right?
  • Alternation of Generations (plant life cycle) involves the crossing of a red flower with a white flower and getting pink flowers...which then produce red and white offsping.

I will say that this question didn't generate as many funny comments from students as the ones I have read in the past. There were still plenty of essays about Marilyn Manson, prom, and how much a particular AP Bio teacher/class sucked. As Readers, we are required to read everything a student writes---just in case a point is hiding in there somewhere. Oy. I've read so much bad biology this week that I can hardly remember what the real facts of the matter are.

My 5.5 day total stands at 1980 books. I will probably Read 100 or so more and that will be all until next year. It's kinda exciting.

It is unlikely that I'll be posting anything until Wednesday. I'll be with my Sweetie until late afternoon on Tuesday when I'll head back home. Sometime after midnight I'll tumble into bed, only to have to get up and teach a class at 8 a.m. the next morning. Oh, and my adoptive mother arrives the next day (with my birthmother following shortly thereafter). Should make for an interesting couple of weeks.

Stay cool and I'll catch up with you next week!


Fred said...
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Fred said...

Wow! These posts are great!

I teach AP Government & AP Comparative Politics; this gives me quite a few insights.

Good luck reading, and thanks from all of us who teach AP.

(I corrected a typo above!)

The Science Goddess said...

Thank you! I've had a lot of fun blogging this week.

I hope you apply to be a Reader and get to have this experience. It's a bit of a brain drain, but well worth it.