30 June 2005

Nearly Motherless. Yea!

Tomorrow, I will take amom to the airport and send her on her merry way back to Texas. (Later today, I have to go pick her up from the ferry as she went on an overnighter to Canada). When will I see her again? I'm not sure.

Usually, I make the trip to Texas in July. There is nothing like a small town 4th of July celebration. My town has dairy goats (which are used to squirt milk at spectators), flags carried by "raisins" (wrinkly vets), and every cop in the county for the parade. Then, there's the used book sale on the library lawn, food and fellowship at the city park, and a street dance (or "daynce" if you're a native) at the city hall. It is the one time of year that I'm guaranteed to see lots of people from my past. Many of us just come home for the 4th.

I'm waiting to see what will happen at the local university in my hometown. When the science building has its remodel completed, there will be a dedication of the invertebrate collection to the memory of my adad. I would very much like to be there for that...and as it is looking like an early fall kind of event, I'll hold off on a summer visit.

My summer vacation will begin tomorrow after I leave amom at Sea-Tac. There are a variety of small projects on the horizon, in addition to lots of naps, more reading, and whatever else looks like fun.

Twenty-four hours and counting down...

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