06 June 2005

Moving On

A week from now, I will be in genuine Nebraska at the AP Biology Read. This means that in addition to my all-expense paid trip to Lincoln, I get to read essays for 8 hours a day. In fact, I read student responses to the same question for a week. But more on that later.

Since school isn't officially out until next Thursday, I will be missing the last 4 days of school to go and score test booklets. This means that I have until Friday to get my poop in a pile in terms of wrapping up the school year.

Most of this isn't too difficult. Seniors will be gone, so my sub will really just have 2 classes to manage. She and I will e-mail my gradebook back and forth and she can handle a lot of other details.

However, there will be a new teacher in my room next year. We will be hiring him/her in just a couple of weeks. And at some point, this person is going to want to move in and get settled...which means I have to haul out all of my ephemera. I've been using spare moments to pull down things from the walls and box up my books.

The kids are terribly unnerved by this. I'm not sure why. They should have long outgrown the idea that we teachers sleep in our desk drawers. But I keep getting panicked questions about where I'll be next year (they want to know the exact room) and what I'll be doing ("You mean you won't teach Honors Biology next year?!"). My students don't seem to understand that the classroom isn't my personal real estate.

They'll be all right. We'll all keep busy this week and the time will fly by. At least I hope so. After all, I can't wait to get to all those essays on plants waiting in Nebraska!

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