26 June 2005

Mamapalooza 2005

So far, so good. Not that I expected any problems, but it is a relief that the initial meeting of my mommies is off to a promising start.

Bmom and her hubby arrived around 11 this morning---far earlier than I had anticipated. The four of us (including amom) sat and visited before having some lunch, walking down to the beach, and then heading into a nearby town. My most recent guests were settled in at their hotel and then we all went to the older part of the town to browse the shops and eventually have dinner. I snuck off before dessert and gave the waiter my credit card. I wanted to avoid any wrestling for the bill at the table. After returning bmom and husband to their hotel room, I'm home for the evening. And exhausted.

Bmom, as you may have guessed, is not married to my birthfather. Although she would have liked to have been---but he never asked her. They were both schoolteachers (natch) in British Columbia. She was 22 and he 29 when they met. So, they were old enough to understand the possible consequences of fooling around...but who hasn't been foolish in one way or another when it comes to love? I'm certainly proof of that. :) Anyway, bmom never told anyone in her family about me (even when she was pregnant...and even years later after she was married). Bdad did help support her throughout her pregnancy (he was the one who named me: Christine Frances), but really had no interest in being responsible beyond that. Being an unwed mother in 1970 was not simple. So, I was put up for adoption and bmom moved on with her life.

I have no siblings. My bdad never married (which isn't required for fatherhood, obviously). Bmom married someone 30+ years her senior in age. He had already raised a family. My aparents didn't have another opportunity to adopt, so I was it for them, too.

Tomorrow, my various permutations of parents and I will spend more time looking around the area. Bmom would very much like me to show her hubby my school. Hubby, who was in the RAF in WWII would like to visit some of the naval history stuff we have in the area. And I will keep doing what I can to facilitate the flow of things and help them all get to know one another.

It's not important to me that they like one another. In fact, it's never been important to me that they meet. I understand that I am what they have in common and they are curious about one another. I think everyone wants to know that whatever has happened to me in my life---because of all of their different choices they made on my behalf---that it's okay.

And you know what? It is.

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