05 June 2005


I'm starting to make some headway on my "to do" list. Next stop? Rearranging next week a bit.

You see, I thought I had things all planned out. My AP kids have been diligently working on a variety of projects of their choice---some of which had a presentation requirement. So, I allotted time this week for the presentations. And wouldn't you know it? In one class, I have 18 of them scheduled between Monday and Thursday (the last day of school for seniors). In the other class: one. One presentation...which leaves me with a whole lotta time to fill. And my sophs? Well, I was going to do an outdoor plant ecology lab with them tomorrow and Tuesday. But it's looking like we'll have rain and cool temps. Neither one is conducive to an outdoor lab. I suppose that I could flip my M/T plan with my W/Th ones...but that creates another problem in terms of getting things graded before my last day on Friday. It just can't be simple, even at the end of the year.

Good thing I'm a fairly good juggler. Even better that this is my last week to have to do so for awhile. :)

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