04 June 2005

In Search Of...


I'm having a terrible case of "endofyearitis." I don't think a course of antibiotics will do me any good.

This is my last weekend of work for the year. I have projects from my APers to mark...a set of labs from my sophs to correct...and I need to finalize some handouts for a short course I'm teaching later in the month. But it's so hard not to fantasize about next Saturday (and the many Saturdays thereafter) where none of this sort of stuff will be a part of my life.

You'd think that being so close to the finish line would be motivating. (Hey, it's the last time!) But I just can't quite work up the enthusiasm that way.

I'm trying to work a little and play a little today as a way to keep going. The day is passing quickly...the "to do" pile is starting to shrink a bit...and maybe this evening I can change over to just "play."

For now, "play" consists of

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Coach Brown said...

I feel you on the motivation. With a new house that needs fixing and the end of the year upon me, I'm not the most motivated morning workday person.