09 June 2005

Farewell, Class of 2005

When I was in high school, long ago and far away, seniors didn't get out earlier than anyone else. We didn't officially attend school on the last day, but we did have mandatory graduation rehearsal and other school sponsored faldaral in its place.

Here and now, I'm always amazed. School isn't out until next Thursday---and yet today was the last day of class for seniors. (One school in our district let its seniors out 2 days ago.) I'm not sure how we get around the whole "180 days" thing, but I guess it really isn't my concern. Anyone who is not a graduating senior was very ready for the seniors to be gone. Maybe it's just as well they go away now and leave us in peace.

There was a barbecue for the graduating class today. One of my colleagues asked if we teachers had to go (we don't, but can if we want to) and was relieved to find that he could spend his time elsewhere. He said he was "senior'ed out" and that it was already too long of a goodbye. After all, we had their awards night on Monday..."Moving Up" assembly yesterday...check out procedures and barbecue today...breakfast tomorrow...and graduation is on Saturday. Whew.

Every class has its own personality. Some you adore and remember for years afterwards. With others, you hope to never hear from them again. This class falls somewhere in between. They were nice kids, but not much was distinguishable about them as a group. Maybe they just haven't blossomed yet.

Tomorrow, the building will seem empty without the seniors, but there will be a good buzz among the rest of us who will be moving forward together next year.

Best wishes to the Class of 2005.


melinama said...

At my son's school, after the seniors finish exams (and have taken the APs) it would be disastrous to have them on campus disrupting the younger kids who actually still have to be working. So the school makes them do two-week "senior projects" which count as school but gets them gone. They are supposed to find something worthwhile to do in the community and go do it, and then they give a report afterwards.

The Science Goddess said...

I really like that idea. It gives them purpose without them being in our hair.

Senior projects will be required for a diploma for the class of 2008. Maybe this might be a reasonable way to do it.