01 June 2005


The end of a school year brings about a lot of endings...many "lasts"...and many farewells. Obviously, my job is changing next year. My "roommate" out in my portable building is moving to China. Some at our school are lucky enough to be retiring. And today, we got the official word that one of our assistant admins is going to have another position with the district next year. A few of our part-time teachers won't be back as their jobs are "downsized." Soon, we will lose another crop of seniors to the Great Wide World. I'm sure more interesting news about staff and students will happen during the summer holiday and we'll get hit with it in the fall.

My Sweetie has often told me that the only person who welcomes change is a wet baby. He may well be right. I like my ruts just as well as anyone else.

At this time, though, I am welcoming of a change in my life (in terms of my job). And with so many others I know at my building who are moving on for one reason or another, I have been reflecting on whether it is nicer to be with the group who moves on or the one that stays behind. (You can't go home again, right?)

The thing with teaching is that you tend to stay in one place while the world moves up and around you. Kids enter as sophomores...graduate not long after...and before you know it, they're in med school. Or back teaching with you. Or showing off their spouses and babies. Or dying in Iraq. And in the meantime, you're still doing the same thing. It's a Neverland weirder than anything Michael Jackson dreamed up.

I'm curious, after 9 years, what it will be like to be on the "outside." What will happen when I leave Neverland for Central Office-land? What is it like to be one of the ones who moves on?

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