23 June 2005

Can't Slow Down...Yet

I made it home yesterday. Travel can always be challenging and the trip back did have its share. I arrived about 1:30 a.m. This gave me a short window of time to get settled and have some rest before going to teach a short course that started at 8:00 a.m.

Oddly enough, I was functional for the class. This may have been due to a caffeine and adrenaline combo. Our district runs a "Summer Institute" the week after school is out. This gives staff an opportunity to take some free professional development courses. Because I am primarily housed in the district curriculum office, I am expected to have an offering for the Institute. I chose Problem-Based Learning. It is a way to organize curriculum for (nearly) any subject and grade level. It allows teachers to roll together standards, thinking skills, authentic assessments, and more into one neat package. It also gives students a larger responsibility for their learning. I've enjoyed doing units like this for several years now. My audience yesterday seemed genuinely interested in the topic and fortunately the time went quickly.

My adoptive mother arrives later this morning. It will be good to see her, even if she is a handful. On Sunday, my birthmother and her husband will arrive. The two mothers will be meeting for the first time. They have been in contact via e-mail and snail mail for several years now---and my amom has met two of bmom's sisters when they were traveling in Texas. Although Sunday will certainly be a landmark event in all of our lives, it doesn't appear that anyone is uneasy about it.

By next weekend, my duties as daughter and hostess will be complete and I can begin decompressing from the school year. I am looking forward to having some unscheduled time. I know it will pass all too quickly.

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