14 June 2005


The College Board does do its best to take care of us Readers. There are huge amounts of food for all 3 meals...plus 2 heavy duty "snacks" each day. Various forms of entertainment are available in the evenings (if one is so inclined). And we all get a room in the dorm.

Keep in mind that most of us haven't lived the college life in more than a few years. We stay in the Abel and Mari Sandoz Halls here at UN.

Each Reader has his or her own room and there are community bathrooms. For some reason, the rooms are made up for 2 people:

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As you can see, there's a bed with an ancient blanket. I originally thought it might have dated to the War Between the States, but I have since upgraded its time period to The Great War. There's a desk and nice window (facing west).

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There's also a bit of closet space, a chest of drawers and a mirror that is the right height if you happen to be at least 6 feet tall with a long reach. Actually, I can't knock it too much. Last year I was staying on a floor that is used by men when college is in session---and I could only see the top of my head in the mirror. This year, I can see from the shoulders up.

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I managed to snake through about 300 books today. The question isn't reading quite as speedily as I would hope. We've only gotten through about 11,500 books. Another question has completed over 17,000. I'm guessing that they'll have to start moving some Readers over to my question in a couple of days if we are ever to finish by Sunday.

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