07 May 2005

Where are they now?

One thing that is difficult about the business of education is that there are lots of people you lose track of. Kids graduate and move on with their lives...colleagues come and go from your school.

Before moving up here and taking a position at my current school, I taught in NM for 5 years. It's hard for me to accept that the 6th graders I had there my last year will be entering their senior year of college this fall. I had several wonderful teaching friends there, and over the years, I have lost track of them. The website for my old school hasn't been updated since 2000, so it is hard to say how many of my former colleagues are still there...much less contact them. I did "google" a couple of names here and there to see if I could scavenge some information. I didn't come up with very much.

In another month, the ninth group of seniors I've had will graduate. Again, it's hard to imagine what my first group is now doing...as they enter their late 20's. I do hear from former students from time to time, but mostly during the first year after graduation. One exception is a student I had in my first AP class---who is receiving a Mary Gates scholarship on Friday for her undergraduate research. I've been invited to see her receive her award and am strongly considering going. I need to see these successes. There are too many kids I hear about who have fallen into drugs, dropped out from their schooling (or lives in general), or have died.

I watched this year's crop of AP kids today at our review. I loved to watch them play and enjoy being teens. I like knowing that whatever path they take that I will always have this memory of them: young and full of life. What a wonderful way to be. And what a nice way for me to let them go into their futures and not ache at wondering "Where are they now?" when this time rolls around next year.

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