29 May 2005

Random Thoughts for Memorial Sunday

I do wonder what I'll blog about in the summer months, when school is (hopefully) not a focus. Last summer, I had 6 weeks in between job commitments. This year, it is looking closer to 8 weeks. In the regular work-a-day world, 6 weeks probably seems like an ungodly allotment of time. The truth is simply that 6 weeks doesn't even cover the hours of "comp time" I put in during the mornings alone when school is in session. Not a complaint, mind you, just trying to put things in perspective.

I tend to spend my summers rather quietly. I'll nap during the day and stay up to the wee hours watching old movies. I may read or stitch or try some new recipes. I always make a trip to see my mother and usually have a visitor or two myself. There is no goal, other than recharging mentally and physically for another school year.

My head cold is still hanging on at the moment, which is as good of reason as any to avoid anything school related for the day. :) Right now, I'm channel flipping between tennis, the Indy 500, and a cooking show.

I've been perusing the Henry Raddick Reviews on Amazon.com and having fits of giggles. This guy seems to have taken it upon himself to find the most obscure books to review...with hilarious results. My favourite so far is for The Bible Cure for Memory Loss. Henry writes, "A beautifully written book about the healing power of that nice bearded young man." Everyone should have a hobby, eh?

I've also been wondering whether to try my hand at Moss Graffiti. What sort of message should a Science Goddess leave for others? And where? Do I tag my school?

This link came across my path earlier in the week: Living Jewels. It's beautiful photographs of beetles. Yes, I know they're bugs. But I was raised by an entomologist and I have spent a good part of my life surrounded by one 6-legged critter or another. These happen to be rather attractive and I wouldn't mind having a poster or two for my office space next year.

If I can get my sinuses to cooperate, perhaps I'll head out this afternoon and see what the rest of the world is doing. I have a summer to plan, right?

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