09 May 2005

Nailed it!

Today, as you know, was the day of The Test: the mother of all biology tests, a/k/a "AP Biology." I have been fretting over how well I've been able to help students prepare this year. In the past, kids have returned from the test not feeling too good about things---even when it turned out that they did well. But today was different. Today, they came to lunch with smiles on their faces and all sorts of positive energy. They felt like The Test was easy. I told them that I thought that was good---if they've worked hard, then it should be easy. I am so very pleased for all of them. Of course, I won't know their scores until August, but waiting should be easier.

While my APers were testing, I took my sophs to an elementary school. In March, my kids had made pop-up books about human body systems. The books had to target the 5th Grade Level Expectations for body stuff. This was their day to go and show off their work. They did a marvelous job in both creating the books and in working with young students. I was very proud of them. Since I'll no longer have sophs next year, I will miss this particular project. I have done it for 7 years now and it is always one of my favourites.

I feel like all is right with the world for the time being. There aren't many days in this profession where that happens. But today, today is a great day to be a teacher.


Anonymous said...

You work long and hard to help your students. I'm so proud of what they have done and what you have done for them. You are an outstanding educator, sweetie.

Fred said...

Wonderful entry. I teach AP Government and AP Comparative Politics; my kids had their day yesterday. I felt pretty sneaky lurking in the shadows of the media center trying to give them a thumbs up everytime I saw them. They were pretty confident about the exam, but that scares me a bit. I like your blog (found it by accident!), and will link to you so I remember to check back in regularly. My approach is to mix in school with family.