04 May 2005

Meetings out the Wazoo

And you know how much that can hurt a gal.

Anyway, this month seems to be chock full of meetings for me. Today, I had a nice 3 hour one after school for biology curriculum planning. Tomorrow, I have a 7 a.m. meeting...and then one at 1 p.m. I think tomorrow is the only day this week that someone hasn't laid claim to my time, although the cable guy is supposed to pay a visit.

Next week is not looking much better. But there are only 30 more days of school, so at least the madness will end at some point.

I wish I had something more exciting to report. My APers are still making their way toward the test (and I have a lot of prep to do before our big Saturday review). My sophs are plugging away on their pig dissection. And all is well with the remainder of my world.

Please do stop by Jenny D.'s place and check out this week's Carnival of Education. Lots of goodies to be had there.

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