15 May 2005

Limping to the Finish Line

There are 23 actual days of school left. There are only 17 for me, when I factor out a day for an AP field trip, a professional leave day to deal with some school business, and 4 days at the end when I will be in Nebraska for the AP Reading. There are also 17 for seniors, although their days are factored a bit differently.

When I taught Jr. High, the school year always came to a nice coasting endpoint. Things were a little hectic during the last week. We had to give and grade finals and then prepare report cards all by the last day of school. But there was always some time for play, too. As a faculty, we had a grand ole time.

My experience with high school has provided a very different way to end the school year. There are four assemblies in four weeks: mock car crash, multicultural, jazz/gymnastics, and "moving up" (to honour the seniors). There are two awards nights. There are drama and band performances. Sports banquets. Elections for student offices. Oh, and classes and course finals, too. It seems like we're on a runaway train toward the last day of school. There is no time for fun along the way.

Everyone is tired. It has been 6 weeks since spring break, and it is still another 2 until we get a 3-day weekend for Memorial Day. As for me? My reward seems to be a headache that won't let up. On Friday, I was prescribed Robaxin and Ultracet along with cold compresses to help soothe the savage beast in my head. It is finally starting to work. This is a relief as I was thinking I would need amputation above the shoulders. I've been near comatose most of the weekend (these drugs are nice, but strong) and perhaps that's just what I needed. I have two more heavy duty weeks coming up.

To all of you out there facing these same challenges as the 2004 - 2005 school year comes to a close, I salute and support you. We all have to hang in there for just a bit longer. How about meeting for a brew afterwards?


Coach Brown said...

I'm totally feeling you with this post.
Count me in on the brewski.

Fred said...

Only nine days left here. Of course, we go back in August, so everything's relative. Hang in there!