16 May 2005

Chat Night

Monday night is "chat night" for me. For several years, it was Tuesday evening, but those of us who are diehards changed the evening and venue this year.

In January of 2000, I was going through some changes in my personal life and was looking for a way to reconnect and socialize a bit. I found a chat room on Delphi for "Teachers with an Attitude." Lo and behold, I had located...quite by accident...a group of educators who designated a time each Tuesday to talk about the things that bugged them about their jobs and ideas for coping in the meantime. (It also happened to be the place where I met my Sweetie, but that was certainly not the intent of visiting that room.)

It's hard for me to believe that I've been part of this group for 5+ years now. I know a lot about a variety of people, even though we've never met. We've seen one another (on-line) through all manner of personal and professional trials and tribulations. I know the best and worst about their jobs and families. And they have kindly let me use our forum to vent about my job and home life. We are quite the motley crew.

Perhaps blogs are the evolution of chat rooms. I know it isn't quite as interactive, but a blog and its readers are a kind of community, too. I'm still not ready to give up my old ways, however. I'm still off to chat on Monday nights with other "Teachers with an Attitude."

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