06 May 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

I took a half day of leave this afternoon. This means that my sub (who showed up 15 minutes late), only had to cover 30 minutes of class time with kids and get paid for a half day's work. Why didn't I just stick around the extra 30 minutes and then sneak off for the afternoon? I did think about it, but (a) with my luck, I'd get caught...and really there's no excuse for just skipping work and (b) I did leave a half day's work for the sub. She got to spend her afternoon marking all the labs and exams that came in today. :) Sounds like a great deal to me.

I have spent part of my afternoon preparing for tomorrow's big review with my AP kids. (The other part of the afternoon I spent napping.) I have the car packed up with everything but the perishable food items. I have some indoor and outdoor games for them to play when we take a break. I have the materials gathered for AP Lab 9, which we need to run tomorrow in case it is the basis for an essay on The Test. I believe I have enough food to feed 20 teenagers. However, there may not be enough food in the world for such a crowd. I have provided them with outlines of the material, practice essays, graphic organizers for their information, and more. I have another practice test to work through with them tomorrow. The rain is supposed to hold off until later in the afternoon (hopefully about the time we wrap up) so that we can get out on the beach and into the woods for some review of plants and animals.

This is the third year I've hosted a big review for my kiddos. Does it make a difference in their scores? There's no way to tell. I like to think the extra attention and confidence boost they get can give them a small edge. I hope that they get a few items cleared up and identify a few more that they can focus on before Monday morning.

A kid who can take on and deal efficiently with the AP Biology curriculum is something special. I hope that tomorrow, they will truly feel that way.

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